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How does business

Many of our clients started slow, they wanted to understand everything before we did anything.  We understand this. We are patient, and are experts at conveying computer knowledge and in an easy to understand, computer jargon-less way.  The FAQ page here is not meant to answer technical questions, but business questions that first time clients often times need to understand before they take the first step with us.


What kind of clients do you work with?

We work with small businesses (under 50 employees) who typically outsource or use an IT service.  We have worked within the The Legal Industry, The Accounting Industry, The Private Care Market and other various businesses.  It is more about your companies size and needs than the industry  you are in.

How much do you cost?

Our billable rate varies depending on the task.  Because we offer simple to complex solutions, our rates range from $50 an hour to $180 an hour.  In most cases, small businesses end up at the lower end of the hourly rates.  There are also many tasks that are not billed hourly, but are flat rate.  And of course, there are projects that have discreet start and end tasks, and those are typically billed on a fixed project cost.

What about geography? Or On Site Technical Support?

We have the ability to support clients nearly anywhere in the world.  And we do support clients all over the United States and Europe.  However, if you need ‘on-site’ or ‘on-location’ help, then the Southeastern United States (NC, SC, TN, KY, GA, VA, WV) is where you will need to be located.

Does the Discovery Process cost me anything?

It depends.  A simple phone call with a brief discussion will not cost you anything.  The discovery process typically doesn’t cost you anything if you hire us.  If you want a discovery evaluation, without providing any indication of your seriousness of intent or your time frame for going forward, then yes, there are costs associated with the discovery process.

What about immediate/urgent support after the project?

We offer 10 minute billing for our clients.  Of course, we only offer this service to clients who are established with us.

What ways do you provide support?

Once you are a client, we can support you with direct connections online to your computers.  We can also provide text, phone, and email support.