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How We Can Help You…..

The Challenge You Face.

You are trying to run a business.  Technology isn’t your business, it is a tool you use to make your business more profitable and efficient.  You know you need it.  And you are tired of feeling alone in the process.  Too often the IT professionals you’ve worked with have left stranded when you needed them most.  Each IT Consultant has left you with a new solution, a different product, or never really helped you understand why you have the solutions you have.  What you need is a partner in IT.  And one that isn’t in it for the billable hours.

The Solution We Offer. offers is your partner in your technology process.  We understand that whatever solutions you deploy today may not always be the way things are done in the future.  In most cases, you didn’t plan to be where you are now technology-wise.  It developed over time, and was driven by a multitude of factors.  Our team will take the time to understand your business, and find the way forward to solve your immediate problems, while keeping the future in mind.  We are your business partner, helping you plan, decide, and execute your business plans while using the tech at your disposal to assist in that endeavor.

Office365tech brings it all together for you.

Microsoft Office365 - The Cloud

Office365 Con't....

We move you to the Office365 Cloud. We harmonize all your documents and files, backups, and devices.  We setup your e-mail.  We deploy robust search.  You are now ready for the future, and you can find anything you need, wherever you are.

IT Consulting and Planning

IT Consulting Con't....

Having an IT professional that speaks your language, and can help you understand how to do something better, faster, or more efficiently is what you want.  Technology is part of your business, but it is only a tool that your business uses.  There are so many things you want to do, such as marketing, sales, accessibility, record keeping, back up, storage, and more.  What should you use, what is the right amount to spend, how can you better utilize what you already own?  We help with everything.  Because we have done all of this before.

Support and Training

Support & Training Con't....

Having an IT professional that is there after the plan is executed and can help train your team, or support your users when the myriad of mini-challenges comes along after all the plans have been executed.  Your team will be very happy to get help from us, because we will speak their language, the help will be quick and easy to understand.


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