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Managing Your Work Product – Files, E-Mail and More…

Managing your information (we call it “Work Product”) has become a job unto itself for many small businesses.   Many small businesses have used Dropbox, Google Drive, and shared Network Attached drives to share, save, and backup their documents.  Usually this means multiple logins and passwords to multiple accounts.  Not to mention that over time, you end up with documents in multiple places, and making matters worse is that different users find different systems more friendly or easier to work with.  Which tends to create ‘stray’ versions of your documents, scattered across various locations.  Over time, things become confusing.  Knowing where everything is becomes harder, and making matters worse is that fact that finding stuff you need by using a “search” never seems to work.

Microsoft Office365 changes everything.   With Office365 backups are automated.  E-mails are on every device.  E-mail folders are replicated across all your devices as well, and finding searching on any device actually works. Word Documents, Excel Spreadsheets, PowerPoint Presentations all editable on any device.  Sharing the most current document is easy.  And we think it needs repeating:  Search actually works.  We can move you to the cloud, in chunks, or in full, in one shot.  We harmonize your information, your documents, your e-mail.  In short, if you want a single username and password to access it all, on whatever device you are on….we can help you get there.  One step at a time.  And in most cases, without requiring you to buy yet more software, or additional devices.  In short, gets you organized and more efficient, more flexible and more capable.  And usually we can do it without breaking your bank account.


Utilizing Office365 is easy.  By moving your ‘content’ (think documents, files and e-mails) you will not only be able to access ‘the same’ folders from all your devices and computers, you will also be able to search for documents, not just browse for them.  (Browse means finding things by sight).  If you can recall a phrase, a word, a date, or if you were savvy enough to utilize ‘tags’ (tag’s are digital notes you attach to your documents to help categorize or organize your work product), likes, or other bits of information….then you can find them using those tools by ‘searching’.  If you want, you can even set up what is called ‘versions’ so each time you edit a document, you have a new version that you can refer back to, instead of consistently renaming documents.

Is all of this “out-of-box” in Office365.  Yes and No.  The functionality mentioned above is built in, yes.  But if you have not properly setup your environment to utilize the many features that are available to you, all you will be doing is moving your current mess to a new location.  On the other hand, once it is in the Office365 environment, there is a lot we can do to help properly deploy the kind of environment you would like to work inside of.



E-mail management consumes us all.  An e-mail inbox with 1000’s of e-mails within it is now common place.  We all know why.  They are important e-mails because they contain information/knowledge you need, or require a response at some point in the future.  Or they are a record of a discussion or agreement.  And over time, we find that there is not much value in deleting e-mails, though having some kind of organization that make more sense, does have value.

Organizations also need to share e-mail, share calendars (which are typically in your e-mail program), and share contacts.  Managing all of these tasks is much easier in Office365 than with any other system.  Once in place, using your current Outlook program, you can see everyone’s calendars, or just the calendars that matter.  The companies contacts that everyone needs access to can be shared, and personal or different persons contacts can be kept separate and private if so desired (as with calendars as well).

With Office365 all of these issues can be tackled, at your pace, in the way in which you work now.  One step at a time. has also partnered with some of the best “3rd Party” solutions to make Office365 even more useful, more user friendly, and thusly, your organization more efficient, flexible and capable.

Saving Pictures, Audio/Video files and other media is usually an after thought.  But with the number of pictures you take with your phone, and the amount of interesting and informative videos and audio content that continues to grow, not planning for this ever expanding media content is not smart.  Office365 makes it easy.  Offering to business users a full Terabyte of “personal” storage, plus huge amounts of storage for your business, makes it easy for you to begin to save that content in the cloud.

Once users understand the value of tags, since video/audio files are not searchable for content, finding and accessing highly valuable video/audio content becomes easy.  Add this same level of sophistication to your pictures, and browsing for a picture you know you have will become obsolete. has the team that can help you get your head and hands around this, and then help you deploy your dream strategy for being able to save, and find the images, audio, and video files that are so important to your business.