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Everyone organizes their E-Mail.

We can help with that.

We can help better organize your E-mail. How organized do you want to be?

More Organized E-Mail

Using the Microsoft Office365 Cloud for E-Mail will make you more organized.  To start, every e-mail account will be identical and harmonized with every device.

More Organized Con't....

With Office365 every e-mail folder will be replicated, and your entire business, all the e-mails, will be backed up and secure.When you make the transition, you can take advantage of the move to finally ‘clean house’ on the e-mails, spam, important and timely information (from 3 years ago), old and unimportant, can all be archived.

And you can finally address the e-mail folders list, the old, the new, the ones that were made with the best of intentions, and the 2000 or more e-mails in your inbox.  Moving to Office365 gives you the chance to finally deal with a years old annoyance, and improve your organizational methods for e-mail that built up over the years.

Better Organized E-Mail

How many times have you struggled to find the e-mail that you know is somewhere on your computer, laptop or other device? Better organizations properly deploy “search”.

Better Organized Con't....

When you move to the Office365 E-mail environment, you will be better organized. You will be better organized because Search, when properly setup, will work the way you would expect it to.  Finding e-mail through “search” becomes simpler than finding e-mail by visually browsing through folders.

And if you work with us, we can also help you develop some easy to use, best practices which will enhance your search capabilities, and make finding entire subject areas more readily.  Including adding tags, notes, and more to your e-mails.  The more ‘metadata’ that you assign to your e-mail, the easier it is to manage it, now and years from now.

Organized vs. Managed E-mail

Organizing e-mail is all about folders.  Managed E-mail is more comprehensive, requires greater user involvement, and is for professionals whose e-mails are records or documents.

Organized vs. Managed E-mail....

Moving to Microsoft Office365 provides not just an opportunity to better organize your e-mail, but to manage it.

Managing e-mail consists of several key steps on the computer systems side.  The user of an E-mail Management system gets the ability to ‘file’ an e-mail into a folder when sending the e-mail.  When the reply comes back, it is filed in the same folder, automatically.  Also, several kinds of information are attached ‘to’ the e-mail called metadata, which can be used to search for the e-mail.  Search also includes all the content within each e-mail, including attachments that are text searchable.  If the only thing you remember about the e-mail was the funny quote at the bottom of the e-mail, you will find it in an e-mail management system.

We are document and e-mail management experts.  We can help.