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Our Work Flow – Described in 3 Easy Steps


Explain to us what you want, what you are trying to achieve, or what your clients want.

More on Describe....

For example, you want consistent ‘always’ on backups. You want to share calendars. You want to find all your current documents. You have too many emails and can’t keep track of them.  It seems like your devices don’t have the same stuff (contacts, emails, documents etc.).  You don’t understand why social media is important, or if it can help you grow your business.  You want to harmonize your content across every device.  You need a new website.  Simply tell us what you want to do in your own words.  We will figure out how to work with what you have, once we move to the discovery process.


Once we understand your goals and challenges, we will begin the discovery process. We will ask lots of questions.

More on Discovery.....

What software do you own?  Where do you store your files and folders?  How are backups achieved now?  What devices do you own?  What calendars do you want to share, and what do you want to keep private?  We will carefully analyze your current hardware, devices and software and how you are using them.    We might even want to see how you actually work, or how your employees ‘do their jobs’.  Once we have done our discovery, we will talk with you about what we think is the best way to move forward, keeping in mind how to better utilize what you own, with the idea of keeping your costs down.


A plan will presented to you.  It will be clear and easy to understand.  Once you approve it, we will deploy it.

More on Deployment....

The plan will have discrete parts to it, so that you can move forward on some parts and come back to others later.  The pricing will be easy to understand, and project creep will be minimized.  Once you are clear what will be delivered, and are pleased with the plan, we will deploy it.   When challenges come up, and they always do, we will not leave you stranded.  Our plans are developed by drawing from over 20 years in IT, with deep knowledge in cross platform (devices) services and document management, and end-user training.  When this process is over, you will be more knowledgeable about your technology, and have lower operational costs.